Mind Radio (works)

Mind Radio project series, 2007-2009

“No mail came in, no mail went out.”

In 1921 the Dutch Society for Psychical Research was founded in Groningen by professor Gerardus Heymans. It was the first society of its kind in The Netherlands. “We don’t desire to arrange interesting shows a la Rubini,” they wrote, “nor to collect sensational stories, nor to satisfy higher or lower emotional needs, or the need for comforting views or nervous shivers. We want to study the phenomena involved scientifically, and without prejudice.”
The group started with much enthousiasm, but the expected breakthroughs never materialized. Instead, arguments erupted and incoming reports of strange sightings or events dropped to zero.
The library of Groningen University keeps a huge file with notes from the meetings of the SPR. Each debate is meticulously jotted down. These minutes became the bases for a series of art projects and curatiorial events: De Studievereeniging, Nervous Radiation, Wild Metaphysics and Mind Radio: Radio! 

“Surely not only sentimental old spinsters choose to manifest themselves?”