This is Now – a tour and a five-year project…

For all of June I will be touring The Netherlands with the T.A.I.R, a sustainable mobile living-and-working station, in order to find out what life in The Netherlands feels like for those who are here. I’ll visit immigration centres, data centres, and the most mediocre county.

What type of meeting is typical for The Netherlands today? Which new customs are arising? And where does reality change faster than the fences we put up around it?



These and other questions I will pose to everyone I meet. I’m mainly looking for three things: what do we see as invisible but important? Which organisations are experienced as having a lot of influence on life? And what do we see as the current Dutch equivalent of the Wild West?

The responses I collect will determine what I will spend my time on in the coming years. Because based on the locations, organisations and developments brought forward I will undertake a series of residencies on location, which will each result in a book, a digital intervention and a performance. Under the header: This is Now. With as a guiding principle: taking a closer look is all that is necessary to remove any self-evidence from the world around us.

So will I wind up staying in jail or with the Belastingdienst (the Dutch IRS)? It depends on the information I collect during the tour. One thing is certain: each residency I undertake as a result of this tour will result in a book, a digital intervention and a performance. Partners of This is Now are Literary Production house Wintertuin and Landscape Labs, platform for artistic research on the relation between persons and their landscape. The publications will be designed by Catalogtree. During the tour I will regularly post updates on facebook and on the website www.ditisnu.nl. Please note that for now both are in Dutch.

This is Now is made possible with the kind support of the Mondriaan Fund, the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst).fondsen